This week, in theme with our Period Party series, Kezia is talking to Martha who runs Fab Little Bag about all things periods.
From whether your a flusher or binner, whether you have ever done the handbag smuggle and more.
Fab Little Bag is one a mission to #screwthetaboo when it comes to period chat and help provide a simple, elegant solution to sanitary disposal (hello happy environment!)
To watch a fab little video about Martha click here.
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More about Martha:
She invented FabLittleBag after the frustration of a lack of a suitable product in the market for sanitary disposal, and applied for the patent in 2006.  Once granted in 2013 she successfully developed, manufactured, and sold FabLittleBag into the retail market, launching with Waitrose in November 2015.  FabLittleBag is now available in Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Wholefoods, Ethical Superstore, and we have USA and Australian distributors.