In today’s Whole & Healthy LIVE podcast Laura’s talking to Laura Thomas Phd. 

Laura Thomas PhD is a Registered Nutritionist who writes evidence based Nutrition blogs for the Huffington post and is host of the no BS wellness podcast Don’t Salt My Game. She has a degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in Human Health & Nutrition from the university of Aberdeen. She conducted her honours research at the Rowett Research Institute on probiotics and then carried out gut-based research as part of her PhD at Texas A&M University, looking at the interaction of the gastrointestinal microbiome with the immune system. Laura completed her postdoctoral training and research at Cornell University. Laura is based in London and is passionate about practicing, writing, and talking about evidence based nutrition.

In this episode we talk about health at every size, body positivity and intuitive eating. We also touch on Laura’s own journey and the ins and outs of why nutritional science is so damn confusing!

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